How to get that London escort look

I had not even considered that escorts had a certain look until I joined the escort agency in Slough. A couple of the girls at Slough escorts always talked about getting the London escorts look, but I soon realised it was not easy. After all, we are a bit out from London, and I am pretty sure that most London escorts do shop in central London and not in Slough.

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As I know London pretty well, I decided that I would go up for the day and try to find where London escorts might shop. Places like New Bond Street is packed with exclusive shops and you can find some of the best lingerie shops in London along this street. I was really convinced that this was where the girls from most escort services in London bought most o f their lingerie, but I was soon proven wrong. I am not sure even London escorts would pay those kind of prices for lingerie.

A little later in the day, I went to Oxford Street to check out some of the stores. At least I would be able to get some decent skincare and make up in stores like Debenhams. It was actually the girl at the Estee Lauder counter which gave me the idea. As I was getting my make up from her, she told me all about their new lingerie collection. I decided that I would pop upstairs to take a look, and to my surprise, this is where I found lingerie very similar to the lingerie I had seen London escorts wearing in their photos.

What about shoes? Most of the girls at Slough escorts bout their shoes in normal store.. But I wanted to achieve a different look at Slough escorts. Instead of going around the run of the mill stores in London I popped into some of the sex shops in Soho. None of the girls at Slough escorts had ever shopped here before, but this is where I found my nice new stilettos to finish of that special London look that the girls in London seemed to enjoy so much.

In the evening, I simply took the train back to Slough with all of my shopping bags, and I knew that I would stand out at Slough escorts. I had truly managed to achieve that sort of look that the girls in London had and I thought that I looked really hot and sexy. A couple of days later, I went along for my publicity photos, and when I saw them, I did realise that I had managed to get my look right. I looked just as hot as many of the girls at the escort agencies in London, and I had this feeling that I would soon have a long line of interesting gentlemen outside of my door. It really can pay off to make a little bit of an effort at times. I feel so much more confident, and I know exactly where the girls get that special look from.

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