Islington escorts on Brexit

What is going to happen with the UK? More than anything what is going to happen to all of the foreign escorts who work in London. Almost 80 % of the escorts who work in London come from within the EU. Are they all going to have to go back? I date a lot of escorts in London, and the girls at my favorite agency, Islington escorts, are rather worried about what is going to happen to them.  I can totally understand that and I wish the government got it sorted out.


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Do I think that all of the sexy Polish escorts who work for Islington escorts will have to go back? I think that something is going to happen, but I am not sure if they will have to go back. Lots of the girls who work for Islington escort services have bought apartments and houses in London, so I am sure that they are going to be declared residents. Many of the girls who work in London pay their taxes and are in the country completely legal.


It is not only Islington escorts who worry. The London entertainment industry is gull of foreign workers. They make most of the porn movies that are made in London. If you ever fancy a night out in a place like Soho, you will soon appreciate that a lot of the girls in this part of London are also from places like Poland. Many of the strippers, top less waitresses and bar hostesses are from other EU member states. For some reason, it is not in for British girls to work as escorts, or in the adult entertainment industry in London.


The thing is that the adult entertainment industry in London makes the city a lot of money. Islington escorts all think that a lot of the foreign girls are getting worried and are getting ready to go back home. That means that the adult entertainment industry is going to nose dive as I think that the entire industry will have a hard time finding workers. Speaking to a lot of the girls, they are sort of beginning to think how they can get their money back home. I can understand that it is a worry as the government may impose restrictions of currency movement.


If my favorite babes at Islington escorts do go home, I will be very disappointed. I think that foreign girls make great escorts and are a load of fun to be with. Most of the foreign escorts that I have met in London are a little bit more exciting than English escorts. To be honest, I am not so sure that I would like to go back to dating English escorts in London again. The Polish babes are still the hottest in London, and I think that London would be a much lonelier place without them. I love my girls at Islington escort services, and I would be really upset if my hot babes went back to their country of origin as they say in immigration circles.

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