My Road to working for Gatwick Escorts

I had quite a few reasons for wanting to join Gatwick escorts. First of all, my mom used to be an escort and she did really well at it. She is living in Florida with my dad, and I used to live there as well. The fact is that I did not really get that great of an education in Florida, so I really need to make up for it here. I don’t feel that I can expect my mom and dad to pay for everything so I am saving for college. Hopefully, I should be able to get a good college course with some kind of vocational training.


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The fact is that a lot of kids from Florida have a hard time. Yes, it is nice to live there as ex-pat but the schools are not that great. Most of the kids have a really hard time getting a job, and I struggled a lot. In the end I went back to London and managed to find a job at Gatwick escorts. I have told my friends back in Florida what I am doing as I am afraid that they wouldn’t really understand. My mom knows but my dad doesn’t. I feel a bit bad about that as I am daddy’s girl, but I do need to live my own life.

My dream would be to become a beautician. At the moment I know I need a certain amount of money to start the training course. After I have finished training, I plan to go back to Florida and set up my own business. That is right, I have no intention of working for Gatwick escorts for a long time, and the max to years. After I have finished my training, I will get some work experience in England, and then go back to Florida.

A lot of the fellow Gatwick escorts that I work with party a lot, but I am trying to save all of my money. The boss says that he really admires me as he has a lot of problems with the other girls. He is such a nice guy and I would like to share my future plans with him. My International lifestyle has done me a lot of good at the agency, and I have been able to date gents who are from out of town. The job isn’t what I expected, and some of my dates I really like.

Many of the gents that I have met through Gatwick escorts are my father’s age, and are divorced. As a matter of fact, a lot of them are very lonely and this is the main reason why they date girls like me. They are in bad need of companionship and I can understand that. It is a bit like having dinner with my dad some days, and is rather a nice experience. My boss says that I have been able to build up regulars quickly and that has really helped me. Regulars after all do bring you most of your money.

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