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Twickenham escorts are celebrating as they have been able to recruit their tenth escorts. Alan, who opened the agency did not expect to be able to do so quickly but the service is becoming more and more popular in the local area. After all, says Alan, Twickenham escorts is something new to the area. Joe popped into to see us here on the London escort guide, and we sat down for a chat. He is really pleased the way the business is going and is looking forward to the next trading year all ready. This is the second escorts agency that Alan has started, and he has been amazed at the speed it has taken off with.


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So, what is the secret behind the success, Joe? Well, I think that a lot of local gents recognized the beauty of dating local Twickenham escorts, says Joe. Our rates are certainly a lot lower than the central London agencies, and the girls provide an excellent service. It is interesting to note that most gents who use the agency date for over two hours instead of the standard one. That tells me that they have seen the beauty of lower rates, and like to make the most of it.

Our girls are just as good at what they do as central London girls. The girls that I personally picked for Twickenham escorts have lots of experience and I think that helps a lot. I noticed that a lot of the gents who date in the local area are a bit senior., so I did not pick the youngest girls. All of the girls who work for us are in between 25 years old and 30 years old, and it has made such a difference. The gents that I have spoken to are making some very favorable comments about the ladies who look after them.

The most popular service that we provide at Twickenham escorts is the one-on-one dating service. Yes, we could do things like duo dating, but there simply isn’t a call for the service at all. We have had some requests for party girls for local stag parties, so we do provide that from time to time. After all, I would much rather have all of the escorts out working and dating local lads, then the lads going into London to celebrate stag do’s. We try to be as flexible as we possible can, and this has also made a difference.

I think that the local gents here in Twickenham see Twickenham escorts as a local service. They do look after all of the girls very well, and they are actually real GENTS. The girls who work for my agency in London date a lot of younger chaps, and are not as happy as the girls here. The girls here talk about their dates totally different, and it seems that they have actually got to know them as people. Maybe this is what makes the difference, but the agency is doing really well, that is for sure, says Alan.

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